SEN Transition

How we support children/young people with SEN starting at our school 

In the summer term, before children start in Reception, we invite their parents into the school for an induction meeting, which includes an opportunity to meet staff, have a tour of the school, and hear about how best to support their child’s transition to school. We ask parents to complete key documentation, which includes sharing information about any specific needs their child may have. This information helps us to provide properly for the child during their transition visits and when they join the school. The Reception Class teacher visits the children in their nursery settings before they join us in September. Children with SEND may require additional support when moving from their nursery and we liaise with staff at the nursery to help inform that process. For example, we ensure that staff from both our school and from the nurseries meet so they can share records and key information about the child’s needs, use of equipment, strategies for teaching, agencies involved and so on.

A similar process, tailored to individual needs, will take place for children starting our school as an in-year transfer (not starting a new school at the usual time – beginning of Reception).

How we support children/young people with SEN moving between classes in our school 

At the end of each school year, the children all take part in a ‘Move-Up’ morning, when they move into their new classroom and meet their new teacher. Children with SEND are supported by ensuring the receiving class teacher has key information about needs and agreed strategies for supporting these. Where there is a SEND need that would benefit from enhanced transition, additional sessions may be arranged.

How we support children/young people with SEN leaving our school 

Once Secondary School places have been allocated, staff from Year 6 and our SENCO liaise with secondary colleagues, children and families in order to ensure they are fully prepared for the next stage of their education.

All Durham Secondary schools have transition days where your child can meet their new class teacher and their classmates. They will also have opportunities to participate in sample lessons.

As part of our transition package, the SENCO will ensure that all SEND information is passed onto the next school, to ensure that they are fully aware of any additional needs your child may have. The SENCO will work closely with families to ensure that the needs of the individual are met to the best of her ability. For example, extra transition visits for both parents and pupils, involvement of SENDIASS (formerly Durham Parent Partnerships) or support around the social or emotional well-being of the pupil.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.