Sport @ St Patrick’s

At St. Patrick’s School, we work with the Durham School Sports Partnership (SSP), this enables the school to access high quality coaching for a variety of sports, e.g dance, athletics, tennis, judo, gymnastics and golf. The children also have the opportunity to take part in sports festivals and competitions alongside other local schools.

The SSP work alongside the class teachers, through workshops and development programmes, so that the children can enjoy a wide variety of sports during their P.E lessons.

The Key Stage 2 children complete a workshop to build and develop their skills by taking on the role of a Playground Leader, where they lead and encourage the younger children to take part in playground games during break times.

During our school Breakfast Club, lunchtime and after school clubs, we work with Craig’s Coaching. We are lucky to have sports coaches, who run a multi-skills session prior to the children being served breakfast and organise ball games every lunchtime break, the coaches also run a multi-skills club after school every Monday during term time.

St. Patrick’s School have a football team, football training is every Thursday with Mr Connelly and Mr Eilles. It is open to all children from years 3 to 6. Children from Year 5 & 6 are invited to play on the school team and take part in the school league, they play league games during the Autumn and Spring Terms.

Our annual school sports day is held in July in our school field.