Anti-radicalisation Statement

In Appreciation of Differing Cultures and Religions and Helping our Children to be Well Balanced Citizens

  • The spiritual/pastoral life of our school is central to its existence.
  • This is set within the wider, strong Christian Ethos that our School upholds and is reflected in our Mission Statement.
  • The teaching of love and respect for all, regardless of religion or culture, are therefore core principles, which we foster for their own sake, and to prepare our children for life in modern Britain and the Global Village.
  • Staff and governors believe, and encourage our children to believe that people should always treat others with respect, whatever their gender, race, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, religious belief, special need or disability.
  • Our school is a caring community, where respect for each other is paramount and where everyone helps everyone else. This ethos is extremely strong in our school.
  • We also place much emphasis on truth, honesty, justice and fairness; all reinforced and tempered by forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • We further aim to build self-esteem in our children and to help them develop the ability to listen to and respect the views of others but at the same time not to be influenced by negative pressures whatever their source.
  • Our school helps expand our pupils’ horizons through the teaching of other faiths, when similarities as well as differences in beliefs and traditions are highlighted and celebrated.
  • Global partnership work, the marking of various celebrations and other work across the curriculum enables our pupils to discover the richness and benefits to be found in the diversities between cultures, backgrounds and customs of people and places. It encourages an appropriate social awareness and a respectful attitude, which is commonly found in our pupils.
  • Should any deviations from appropriate behaviour arise, whatever their nature and no matter how small, they are promptly addressed, within our clear behaviour policy.
  • However, we find that in keeping with the good example given by our staff, pupils are very considerate towards and supportive of each other.
  • We are also confident that they are being enabled to develop an appreciation of the richness of human diversity, and to be empathetic to the various levels of community within which they live, locally, nationally and globally, now and in the future.